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OST - The Third man (Limited, 180g)

OST - The Third man (Limited, 180g)

Kód položky: 8436563181818

Dostupnost: skladem

Cena: 390 Kč

A1   The Third Man Theme (Original 1949 Karas Studio Version)
A2   The Café Mozart Waltz (Original 1949 Karas Studio Version)
A3   Anton Karas' Second Theme (Original 1949 Karas Studio Version)
A4   Carol Theme (Original 1949 Karas Studio Version)
A5   The Big Ben Tune
A6   Main Title / Holly Martins Arrives At Vienna
A7   Harry Lime's False Burial
A8   Holly Encounters Anna
A9   Meeting Of Conpirators At The Bridge / Holly And Anna Talk About Harry
A10   Holly Is Accused Of Homocide
A11   Martins Is Harassed By The Mob
A12   Martins Ran Away
A13   Calloway Persuades Martins About Harry's Crime
A14   Holly Gets Drunk At The Casanova Club
B1   Holly Brings Flowers To Anna Lets Her Know About His Feelings
B2   Holly Runs After Harry's Shadow
B3   Anna Is Arrested By The International Police
B4   Holly And Harry Meet The Prater's Big Wheel
B5   Trap To Catch Harry
B6   Harry Lime Escape
B7   Harry's Funeral
B8   Anna Walks Away - Alone / End
B9   Trailer

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