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The American analog set - Know by heart

The American analog set - Know by heart

Kód položky: 655173114117

Dostupnost: skladem

Cena: 690 Kč

A1 - Punk As Fuck 4:09min
A2 - The Only One 2:15min
A3 - Like Foxes Through Fences 3:37min
A4 - The Postman 2:59min
A5 - Choir Vandals 3:01min
A6 - Gone To Earth 3:13min
B1 - Million Young 3:27min
B2 - The Kindness Of Strangers 3:26min
B3 - Know By Heart 2:53min
B4 - Slow Company 3:00min
B5 - Aaron And Maria 3:10min
B6 - We're Computerizing And We Just Don't Need You Anymore 5:51min

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