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Valium Aggelein - Black moon

Valium Aggelein - Black moon

Kód položky: 825764121316

Dostupnost: skladem

Cena: 680 Kč

A1   Here Comes The Black Moon 7:26
A2   Liftoff In Stereo 6:02
A3   Trial By Fire 1:56
A4   The Clouds Will Drop Ladders 5:57
B1   Triumph Of The Metal People 6:33
B2   Frequency Converter 5:59
B3   Birth To Death In Slow Motion 1:23
B4   Dream Scientist 3:17
    Outtakes From The 'Hier Kommt Der Schwartze Mond' Recording Sessions  
B5   Bird Wings 2:29
B6   Nudists 1:31
    Originally Issued In 1997 As 'Dweller On The Threshold'  
C1   The Landing 2:43
C2   Under The Mountain 3:45
C3   Sonar 0:58
C4   Mercury 2:43
C5   The Valium Machine 1:33
C6   Spies 0:31
C7   V 2:35
D1   Inside The Static Cult 0:29
D2   Then, In 2060 A.D. 2:30
D3   Alum Rock 1:43
D4   Interruptor 1:52
D5   Slower 4:31
D6   Excerpt From Mount Hamilton 0:44
    Previously Unissued  
D7   96 2:21
D8   Spark Collector 2:24

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