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I Prevail - Post traumatic

I Prevail - Post traumatic

Kód položky: 7220082

Dostupnost: skladem

Cena: 699 Kč


  1. Bow Down" (Live from Grand Rapids)
  2. „Paranoid” (Live from Rock am Ring) )
  3. „Every Time You Leave” Feat. Delaney Jane (Live on SiriusXM)
  4. „Rise Above It” (Live from Montreal)
  5. „Breaking Down” (Live from Detroit)
  6. „DOA” (Live from London)
  7. „Gasoline” (Live from Download Australia)
  8. „Hurricane” (Live from Vienna)
  9. „Let Me Be Sad” (Live from Rehearsal)
  10. „Low” (Live from Boston)
  11. „Goodbye” (Live from Pittsburgh)
  12. „Deadweight” Feat. Caleb Shomo (Live from Fayetteville)
  13. „I Don't Belong Here” (Live from Rehearsal)
  14. „Feel Something” - ILLENIUM and Excision (With I Prevail)
  15. „DOA” (feat. Joyner Lucas)
  16. „Hurricane” (Reimagined)
  17. „Every Time You Leave” Feat. Delaney Jane (Live Acoustic)

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