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Halsey - Manic LP (clear milky vinyl)

Halsey - Manic LP (clear milky vinyl)

Kód položky: 0824364

Dostupnost: nedostupné

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Clear milky vinyl, gatefold cover
Standard pressing, containing 13 out of the 16 standard tracks.
Does not contain the following tracks:
Alanis' Interlude
Killing Boys
Suga's Interlude
Included download card is only for the 3 missing tracks mentioned above. It does not allow you to download the whole album.


A1 Ashley  
A2 Clementine  
A3 Graveyard  
A4 You Should Be Sad  
A5 Forever... Is A Long Time  
A6 Dominic's Interlude  
A7 I Hate Everybody  
B1 3am  
B2 Without Me  
B3 Finally/Beautiful Stranger  
B4 More  
B5 Still Learning  
B6 929

Rok vydání: 2020

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