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OST - Singin' In The Rain - An American In Paris - Les Girls - Brigadoon 2LP

OST - Singin' In The Rain - An American In Paris - Les Girls - Brigadoon 2LP

Kód položky: VP80752

Dostupnost: nedostupné

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A1 Gene Kelly - Singin' In The Rain
A2 Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor - Fit As A Diddle
A3 Debbie Reynolds - All I Do Is Dream Of You
A4 Donald O'Connor - Make 'em Laugh
A5 Gene Kelly - You Were Meant For Me
A6 Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor, Debbie Reynolds - Good Morning
A7 Gene Kelly - All I Do is Dream of You
A8 Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor - Moses
B1 Gene Kelly - Broadway Ballet
B2 Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds - You Are My Lucky Star
B3 Gene Kelly, Mitzi Gaynor, Kay Kendall, Taina Elg - Les Girls
B4 Gene Kelly, Kay Kendall - You're Just Too, Too !
B5 Taina Elg - C'est Ça l'Amour
B6 Mitzi Gaynor, Taina Elg, Kay Kendall - Ladies In Waiting
B7 Gene Kelly - Why Am I So Gone (About That Gal)
C1 Gene Kelly, Georges Guétary - 'S Wonderful
C2 Gene Kelly - Love Is Here To Stay
C3 Georges Guétary - I'll Build A Stairway To Paradise
C4 Gene Kelly - I Got Rythm
C5 MGM Studio Orchestra - An American In Paris Ballet
D1 MGM Studio Orchestra - Prologue (Once In The Highlands/Brigadoon)
D2 MGM Studio Orchestra - Down On Mac Connachy Square
D3 Gene Kelly - The Theater On The Hill
D4 Carol Richards - Waitin' For My Dearie
D5 Van Johnson, John Gustafson - I'll Go Home With Bonnie Jean
D6 John Gustafson - Come Me, Bend Me
D7 Gene Kelly - Almost Like Being In Love
D8 Gene Kelly - There But For You Go I
D9 MGM Studio Orchestra - Brigadoon

Rok vydání: 1952 / 2016 (reissue, remastered)

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