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System Of A Down - Steal This Album! 2LP

System Of A Down - Steal This Album! 2LP

Kód položky: 19075865621

Dostupnost: nedostupné

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'This package consists of previously released material.'
Serj's Poem on the cover of side B goes as follow:
"★Contraband contradictions, concocting contractions conceding to caucasian caucases causing casual conclusions concerning inconclusive karma, masking masochistic mosquito massages in masculine mosques, a must see mosaic ! Take your tartar sauce, and your Tinseltown tactics to a Tic-Tac filled trumpet and blow. Enjoy the eloquent essence of esoteric engines humming in Ecstasy, Etc. Actual arctic acronyms were asked to ascertain the astral auspices of acting astericks, that's ass! She sells sea shells BUY THE REAL WH★RE !"
Track 13 (Side C - Track 4) 'F**k The System' is misspelled 'F*** The System' on Lyrics Sheet.


A1 Chic 'N' Stu
A2 Innervision
A3 Bubbles
A4 Boom!
B1 Nüguns
B2 A.D.D. (American Dream Denial)
B3 Mr. Jack
B4 I-E-A-I-A-I-O
C1 36 
C2 Pictures
C3 Highway Song
C4 F**k The System
C5 Ego Brain 
D1 Thetawaves
D2 Roulette 
D3 Streamline

Rok vydání: 2002 / 2018 (reissue)

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