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C - Synestheticum LP

C - Synestheticum LP

Kód položky: STD065

Dostupnost: skladem

Cena: 349 Kč

Last and final album from czech post-rock pioneers known as "C". The band was founded in 1999 amongst prolific art scene in Tábor, Czech Republic. In that era, Tábor belonged to one of the most progressive Czech cities in musical and cultural pace keeping. Thanks to Free Dimension Records (co founded by some of 'C' members), their legendary Freedim Fest (still going) or Cesta (local diy space founded by the band Sabot), Tábor was place to look for new things to come.

C released albums on labels such as Free Dim, Minority Records, Election or Silver Rocket. During near two decades of existence they have toured Europe several times and played near two hundreds of show. Most of them you could label "quite" powerfull and some unforgettable.

With their swan song, 'Synstheticum', C now belongs to list of Tábor bands that no longer exist, but certainly will be remembered (Waave, Deverova Chyba, Sabot, Some Other Place ...).

This record was released as a cooperation between Silver Rocket and Stoned to Death. Vinyl version is limited to 150 copies.
released August 24, 2018

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ondřej Ježek at Jámor Studio, november 2016 - september 2017.

Additional recordings were done in Tábor @ Cesta at Chris Rankin studio / or at home between january 2017 and may 2017.

C was:
Patrik Kučera - guitar, monotron (3), omnichord (3), synths (6)
Tomáš Bílý - drums, samples (1,3,5), guitar (1,7), synths (5)
Josef Sejk - basa
Tomáš Cílek - keyboards

Michal Pacalaj - guitar (3)
Jaroslav Zeman - saxophone (3)

Cover design - Tomáš Bílý
Cover photo - Václav Mládek

vinyl + download


A1 Trashure
A2 2 F.F.L.
A3 Chords & Trons
B1 Will O'The Wisp
B2 The Seventh Seal
B3 Mongrel
B4 Ultranova

Rok vydání: 2018

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