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Yorke Thom - Suspiria 2LP

Yorke Thom - Suspiria 2LP

Kód položky: XL936LP

Dostupnost: skladem

Cena: 960 Kč

Matte pink heavy card gatefold sleeve with wide spine. Pink can be seen on inside sleeves.
Blue style screen print design forming cover image.
Additional information on back sleeve in White lettering.
Each LP comes in a custom inner sleeve.


A1 A Storm That Took Everything     
A2 The Hooks     
A3 Suspirium     
A4 Belongings Thrown In A River     
A5 Has Ended     
A6 Klemperer Walks     
A7 Open Again     
B1 Sabbath Incantation     
B2 The Inevitable Pull     
B3 Olga's Destruction (Volk Tape)     
B4 The Conjuring Of Anke     
B5 A Light Green     
B6 Unmade     
B7 The Jumps     
C1 Volk     
C2 The Universe Is Indifferent     
C3 The Balance Of Things     
C4 A Soft Hand Across Your Face     
C5 Suspirium Finale     
D1 A Choir Of One     
D2 Synthesizer Speaks     
D3 The Room Of Compartments     
D4 An Audition     
D5 Voiceless Terror     
D6 The Epilogue

Rok vydání: 2018

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